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Authors: Michael and Virginia N.
We found how Twelve Steps were gifts, not punishments.

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by Michael and Virginia N.

 Letter writing becomes a lifeline for two novices in Twelve Step Recovery. This is an intimate view of two lives changing.


Told through a series of letters, this memoir describes how youthful alter egos, Hoot and Gin, boost their adult counterparts up the Twelve Steps of recovery.


Advance praise for Hoot 'n Gin:

"This book has such a unique blend of dialog that it feels like couples-intimacy-journaling! What a powerful method for recovering persons who want to learn how to open-up to their partners!"

                              --Toby Rice Drews, Author Getting Them Sober


This book is for those contemplating recovery, newly-recovering, or living with someone afflicted, who have questioned what practical application Twelve Steps could have in a situation as complicated as theirs.  Hoot 'n Gin reveals how two skeptical people eventually find all twelve are gifts, not punishment. It offers a nostalgic trip through the steps for those who have already "trudged" their own "road" successfully, and demonstrates how the act of letter writing can augment a recovery program by encouraging introspection, lending support, and measuring progress.